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Book Launch of <Creep Love>, by Michael Walsh


Michael Walsh’s poetry collection explores a family contending with a complex and ongoing crisis, the aftermath of which creates a shockwave that reverberates through these poems. Stories, half-truths, and lies combine into a disturbing fable: A young pregnant woman flees her abusive boyfriend only to discover with terror that he is focused on her younger sister. When her younger sister later gives birth to her abusive ex’s other sons, the unsettling presence of the child’s father becomes unavoidable, and the family soon forces the first son to become a family secret. These poems give witness to the fallout, demonstrating how love can be charged with something ultimately unknowable.

Premiere of “What Work We Have Done in Our Solitude": The Corona Lectures with Charles Conley

Youtube, Online virtual event

Please join us for the Premiere of “What Work We Have Done in Our Solitude" on Friday, May 14, 2021 at 6:00 PM Central as part of the first night of Art-a-Whirl 2021! The lecture is under twelve minutes long and the Operator will be available to chat during and after the video.

You can also find “What Work We Have Done in Our Solitude" at the site for Bleeding Hearts Studio, the host for this event during Art-a-Whirl 2021 ( Take a look at the art they have for sale and other experiences they have on offer.

“What Work We Have Done in Our Solitude” reflects over the period of isolation the Operator experienced during COVID-19 between the initial shelter-in-place of March 2020 and his second vaccination in May 2021, including a glance at some of the major world events that happened during that time.

Charles Conley Machine Operator and Lecturer