Good editing is always at least somewhat subjective. As an editor and teacher, I work first to get a strong sense of writers' aims for their projects and the particular voice and tone they would like to project. I ask for a list of writers, books, and other media that have influenced the manuscript, and use these models as a starting point for my feedback and critique. In the case of editing projects, I’ll ask writers to send a few pages from a piece so I can do a free sample edit. This way they can get an idea of how I would edit the piece and decide if I would be a good fit for the project. My goal is to help writers sound like the best possible version of themselves.

I work on creative as well as scholarly work. I have many happy clients; please ask me for references! Books I've critiqued and edited have been published by Zondervan Press, Provincetown Public Press, HomePort Press, and Beaver's Pond Press. I've also edited books for Capstone Press, Epic Press, and North Star Editions.


Writers who have not yet written or finished a draft of a project, who would like to talk over creative/pragmatic possibilities, with an eye towards figuring out how to develop an idea, will benefit the most from focused discussions on MANUSCRIPT DEVELOPMENT.  Those who are in the early or unfinished stages on their projects often ask for GENERAL FEEDBACK, in which I read the entire manuscript and write a response that includes my overall impressions and suggestions for how to go forward. I do three levels of general feedback. Level 1 includes roughly ½-one page (single-spaced) of general impressions and brief notes about the manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses; Level 2 includes two to three pages, single-spaced, of more detailed notes, suggestions, and suggested reading; and Level 3 includes general impressions, suggestions, and ideas for suggested reading, as well as in-depth analyses of various aspects of the manuscript, running about 10-20 single-spaced pages. General feedback responses do not include in-text comments or line edits. Please contact me if you would like to see sample critiques.

Some writers prefer IN-TEXT FEEDBACK, in which I use the “track changes” feature in Word to insert line-by-line comments that target specific places in the manuscript that I find confusing or problematic or particularly successful.

EDITING: When doing an actual edit, I change language to make it stronger, editing for grammar and punctuation as well as style and clarity, keeping in mind how each sentence fits into the larger purpose and voice of the project.

PROOFREADING: I can do a syllable-by-syllable proofread, in which I fix typos, spelling, and punctuation errors, and maintain consistency with a style sheet.

If you’d like more information, please contact me! I'd love to talk to you about your project. Let me know a little about what you're working on and what services you're interested in, and I can give you an estimated price.